We provide a safe, nurturing environment with classrooms rich in hands-on, educational experiences.

Our staff go to extraordinary lengths to offer children love, respect, dignity and humility at all times.

Please browse through our program details and select the one most suitable to your family.

At Treasured Tots, we aspire to be one large, happy family.

We’re passionate about providing children with a strong foundation for life through diverse, holistic learning opportunities delivered with professionalism and care.

We offer a range of childcare, transition and pre-school programs, all carefully structured to meet the National Quality Framework standards and regulations.

Children are provided with a varied curriculum of stimulating, real-life experiences, through the proven Montessori method.

Our Montessori curriculum includes foreign languages, multi-culturalism, environment and sustainability, music and movement, art and craft and an introduction to academics.

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Where childcare and early learning go hand in hand