October Family Newsletter 2020

 From the Director


Hello Families & Happy Spring! 

What a few months it has been, we are very thankful that we have come out the other side of COVID-19 safe and well and appreciate the understanding and cooperation from all of our families. We couldn’t have done it without you. Moving forward we are excited to bring back celebrations and incursions throughout the centre in the New Year. 

Although we are ‘out of’ COVID-19 we have had to make the hard decision not to host an End of Year Celebration. In saying this, the festivities will be high and a strong focus around the Holiday Season will be seen in each room’s program. We would like to encourage families to talk to their child’s educator about any special traditions or celebrations that they may have coming into December and the new year, so that we can share these with the classroom, we are looking forward to celebrating with the children and families in a COVID Safe way. 

As you may all be aware, the sun is shining through this beautiful spring weather. This means that we are having a high focus on implementing our Sun Safe Policy. Please ensure that your child brings a broad brimmed or bucket hat with their name clearly labelled, a couple of weather appropriate changes of clothes for water and mud play and ensure that your child is dressed in sun smart clothing ie. No singlets or open toed shoes. We do provide Cancer Council Kids sunscreen, however if you choose to bring in your own this MUST be labelled with a chemist label. Please speak with your child’s educator if you have any questions or concerns. 

We would also like to officially welcome Steph to our team. Steph has previously worked as a Team Leader at one of our Precious Cargo centres, she has returned to us after having her son. Steph has joined the Blue Jay team three days a week and looks forward to building relationships with our families. Feel free to have a chat when you see her around the centre. 

Again we are forward planning into next year, we would love any feedback or suggestions as to what you would like to see happening in the centre, we encourage you to speak with me or the educators at any time. 


Thank you

Emily – Director





Hello from the starfish room.

Over the last few months, we have been very busy getting to know our new families, so welcome to you all.

We have introduced the children to learning to scrap their bowls once they have finished their meals.  This promotes children’s self-help skills and starts to prepare the children for the Blue Jay room.  The older children are progressing nicely with this.

We have also introduced dry pouring and scooping so the children can learn these skills when using spoons for eating and eventually pouring water.  If you would like more information on how we do this for the children to practice at home please see any of the educators.

Lastly, we would like to send out a big thank you to those of you that filled out the survey forms and returned them to us.  We have implemented the things parents have said they would like to see us doing within the room.

Again, thank you and if there is anything you would like to see happening in our room let us know


Miranda, Chris and Amal

We would firstly like to welcome Leo and Evander who have recently joined us from Starfish.  We would like to also welcome Ryder C, Ava, Ariah and Myah who are all new to the centre. We look forward to making some beautiful memories with you.

We say goodbye to Max, Amayah, Adrijana and Zoey who have all moved to Tree Frog.  We hope you enjoy your time and learning in your new room.

As many of you have noticed we have had a few staff changes.  We have welcomed Steph who has recently returned from maternity leave and has transferred from one of our other centres. Steph brings with her a wealth of knowledge.  Steph has taken over Mary’s position.  Mary is now a floater in the centre, so you will still see her around.  We are also welcoming Kathryn to our room.

Staff Days:

Catherine: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Casey: Monday, Tuesday. Thursday, Friday

Steph: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Kathryn: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

We have been busy recently with lots of outdoor play, enjoying the sunshine whilst we can.  The children enjoyed planting some fruit and vegetables with Casey.  We can’t wait until they grow.

The children have also enjoyed dancing and musical instruments.  They have been able to develop their coordination skills through dance and their musical creativity through instruments.

We have also had lots of fun developing our balancing and coordination skills with lots of balancing experiences.

Over the next term we plan to continue more self-help skills with serving our own meals, putting our belongings always, encouraging children to wipe their own noses and apply their own sunscreen.

We have also been asking for each child to bring their own drink bottles in (thank you for this).  This helps to promote the identity of looking after their own belongings and self-help skills.

If you have any questions please feel free to speak to us.


Catherine, Casey, Steph and Kathryn

Welcome (finally) to SPRING!! 

After the year that has been, it is so nice to begin a new season with a fresh outlook to closing out the year with happiness and joy. The children have been noticing the plants and trees flowering, the birds and their babies around as well as the changes in the weather – so we are looking to expand this interest with lots of Spring themed activities. Keep an eye out for our creative giving son display in the hallway.

We would also love to welcome our new children Max, Zoey, Adrijana and Amaya, who have moved up from Blue Jay and Elliana who has recently started with us too. We so look forward to building our relationship with you all and getting to know you and your families 🙂

A key component of the Tree Frog room is our practical life experience – the children have been busy bees helping to clean the windows, mirrors, tables and benches within the room as well as helping to vacuum, sweep and assist educators with laundry and kitchen tasks (returning the trolley) – this is an ongoing area of independence and self learning we offer within our environment. Keeping with the theme of practical life and Spring, we are hoping to start our garden experience in the coming weeks and ask if anyone has any plant pots or cuttings they can donate we would be very appreciative.

Also with the return of warmer (any day now?!) weather, can we please remind that hats are needed for outside play; also we’d like to encourage more hydration so a drink bottle would be great to bring along too.

With kindness,

Bron, Neetu. Ellie x

Hello from Canary, 

Over the last couple of months we have been focusing on social and emotional development. There have been many discussions about our emotions and how to handle big feelings. Us as educators have been having many conversations and group times with the children about joining play and regulating emotions and responses. Please have a chat with us if you would like more information. 

As it has been heating up the children have been exploring the mud pit by adding water and things they have found in nature to cook and mould with, we encourage this type of play during the warmer months so please bring a few changes of clothes with you. Extending from this, the children have enjoyed dance and movement through action songs and participating in Happy Feet. The canary children have enjoyed listening to different rhythms and sounds from around the world. 

There has been a strong focus on book week as we lead up to the date, this children have been bringing in books from home and spent the week dressing up as their favourite characters. The children have also been linking activities to stories, such as, Making stick people using sticks and wool (Stick Man) and exploring weight by floating and sinking objects (Who Sank The Boat) 

We look forward to coming to the end of the year and celebrating with families. Please feel free to have a chat to your child’s educator about any family traditions over the next few months

Thank you 

Rachel, Vicky & Xhana