Our Philosophy

At Treasured Tots, we are passionate about providing children with a strong foundation for life through diverse, holistic learning opportunities delivered with professionalism and care

We aim to make Montessori available to more children and families in our community.

We aim to provide an inclusive environment that promotes a sense of belonging to each child, their family members, our staff and the members of the wider community. We aspire to be one large, happy family.

We value the individuality of all people involved with our centre and respect, welcome and encourage their involvement, feedback and support.

We aim to provide you with a nurturing environment that is innovative, safe and extremely clean so you and your child enjoy walking through our doors and so that you are comfortable to allow your child to explore. Our classrooms are all individual and extremely organised whilst offering a stimulating and educational environment that awakens your child’s inner curiosity.

Our staff go to extraordinary lengths to offer the children love, respect, dignity and humility at all times.

Your children are offered achievable challenges, hands-on experiences and a varied curriculum which incorporates aspects of sustainability, culture and our environment. Your child will be exposed to a wide range of experiences like music and movement, art and craft, cooking lessons, technology and community involvement, so they may become aware that the world is diverse and much larger than they first imagined.

We aim to have as much fun as possible with your children so that we may all laugh together and learn through playing together; children need the opportunity to be children. We educate children through their senses and embrace the Montessori method and philosophy which promotes balance and a deeper absorption of information.

We aim to recognise every window of opportunity as a special time to offer your child a specific lesson and not rush them so that the lesson is lost, this will build their independence; thus preparing them for life!

We aim to work in partnerships with our families as well as to guide, support, inspire, motivate and educate parents to a new level of understanding of their child and to make one of the most difficult jobs, one of the most rewarding.

Welcome to our family!