Over 3

For children aged 3 years to school age

Our aim is for children to recognise their potential and be proud of their achievements

Our over 3 program is more academically focused as the child’s curiosity and concentration level is ready for more challenging lessons.

A teacher works directly with groups of children, introducing more formal academic lessons, dependant on developmental stages.

The children continue to receive specialised classes in computer education, woodworking, kitchen hygiene, food preparation, yoga, art & craft and music and movement.

Once your child turns 4, whilst remaining in the familiar room, we start preparing them for school. During this time they are academically assessed by staff and provided with the appropriate curriculum, using specialist Montessori apparatus.

• Please bring a bag with a spare set of weather appropriate clothes and a sun hat. All food, drinks and nappies (if required) are supplied. Please make sure all items are clearly labelled.

• The routine in this room is not dissimilar to the Under 3’s, although we aim to eliminate the need for dummies, security items and nappies. The staff will assist in providing methods for you to encourage your child in these developmental areas.

• This class is much more independent and the children have free access to many activities and practical life experiences.They will choose their own activities, pack away, butter their own bread, pour their own water, set the table, scrape their plates and much more.

• The group discussions will become more complex to assist development of their logic and understanding of their world and they will be gently introduced to academics in an informal manner, in preparation for their next step into kindergarten or school.

• We introduce the children to specialised classes which include food preparation, kitchen hygiene and basic cooking classes.

• We aim to provide qualified, experienced and patient staff who are totally devoted to your child’s individual needs. We aim to keep staff consistent so your child has the opportunity to form a bond with their carer and in turn feel secure. Children are offered 3 meals per day with plenty of healthy snacks and drinks, which newly includes a cooked dinner!

• We would like to be your child’s extended family and aim to create a safe, warm, fun and educational environment at all times.

• We regularly include foreign languages, multi-culturalism, personal hygiene, common courtesies and manners into the daily routine. We continue to offer the children art and craft, outside play, story time, rest/sleep time and music and movement.

• These children are busy and do not stop. It is a pleasure to see them achieve so many new milestones and really delve into their academic capabilities.

• Digital shots will be taken of the children and these may be viewed on the big screen in reception and placed in your child’s personal development file.