Do you have any vacancies and how long is your waiting list?

Our centres are in high demand and are generally full, however vacancies can arise at any time. We are not able to give time estimates in regards to wait list times due to the new ‘once a year’ intake policies for schools (meaning we don’t have set dates that children will leave throughout the year).


Can my child use your Kindy as opposed to a DECS Kindy before they go to school?

Yes they are able to go straight to school from childcare Kindy. Kindy is not compulsory prior to going to school. The choice is yours and not all DECS Kindys will fit into your work schedule.


How often will you contact me?

We will contact you as soon as a position becomes available and your name is the next on the list. Please be assured that we try to accommodate all our families as soon as we can. Please feel free to contact us a couple of months from when you require care to check our vacancies.